MineSuite Production Information and Fleet Management Systems collect data from across the mining value chain to provide mining personnel with current, meaningful information for efficient management of operations. Providing accessible, accurate and timely data allows miners to make confident decisions which can help achieve objectives for reduced costs and improved productivity.

MineSuite Management Information System caters for mining, beneficiation and load-out sectors. Fleet and Production Management System targets mining processes. Collecting contextually correct and accurate data with minimal interaction means data is near real time. MineSuite systems help operations to manage resources in a decentralised way, providing a holistic view of equipment, tasks, shift and personnel requirements and availability for effective planning.

Reliable data transmission provides peace of mind in the practical realities of the mining environment. Data can be collected manually, automatically or via third party sources and combined in a single environment for reporting. This flexible approach allows data to be supplemented and integrated with other contextual information, allowing better modelling of processes and operational metrics. Web-based reporting allows all stakeholders to access accurate and validated metrics around production performance, facilitating a single source of the truth.

Fleet and rail safety management systems mitigate safety risk for personnel and machinery, helping to fulfil and report on regulatory and stakeholder requirements. Understanding and managing mining fleet ensures consistent performance in line with KPIs. Rail transactions can be reconciled against mining stock depletion. Equipment maintenance is better managed through reporting on related workflows, improving visibility and communications between production and maintenance. Impacts on performance can be more easily assessed.

MineSuite management modules are linked to production targets and goals, allowing operations to see the impact of planned or unplanned changes in real time. Events can be identified and interpreted in the context of business process models. Track product through the supply chain to ensure grade, quality and tonnage production goals are met and reconcile against resources and production figures at various stages throughout the process.

MineSuite systems allows business processes to be modelled, validated and reported, driving consistency and continuous improvement.