MineSuite FleetManager

MineSuite FleetManager is a complete fleet management solution suitable for open cut or underground operations operating with a 24/7 manned control room. It extends to include tracking and management of fixed plant SCADA systems as well as mobile fleet.

Mobile fleet equipment are equipped with on-board field computers and specific, customisable user consoles. This provides for central control-room assignments and task lists as well as user’s interaction as it relates to pre-start check-lists, equipment KPMs and workgroup management related on-board utilities. Automated data acquisition from vehicle management systems, payload sensors or any other data source ensures contextually correct and accurate data is recorded. Equipment efficiency, performance, utilisation and production statistics can be accessed by operators with specific equipment types (such as payload for loader operators to assist in optimising load mass).

MineSuite FleetSupervisor provides for common control room interfaces including online mapping of production activity, interactive equipment and process control tools, and extensive real-time production KPI views. It allows management and definition of workgroups, line-up and for defining combinations for mining tasks as well as for integration with the MineSuite MineScheduler.

MineSuite FleetManager includes the MineSuite Reporting Module. This provides various reporting and query tools, including MineSuite Active Web Viewer, dashboards and standard browser templates and reporting schema for third party reporting and analysis tools. Data from third party systems, including other Fleet Management Systems, can be combined via supplied drivers and APIs. Manual data entry and data validation is supported by user credential and authorisation management.

MineSuite FleetManager is designed for use with MineSuite DSF, ensuring the most reliable, cost-effective and fastest mine communication system to support your fleet system and data collection. MineSuite FleetManager can also be equipped with the optional MineSuite Breakdown Tracking Module. This allows workshop and maintenance managers to track and communicate the nature and detail of equipment failures, and unscheduled maintenance with fleet or fixed plant such as crushers.