MineSuite FleetSupervisor

Tracking and automated data acquisition equipment is installed on fleet equipment inclusive of a on-board operators users interface, providing for users interaction as it relates to pre-start check-lists, equipment KPMs as well as workgroup management related on-board utilities.

MineSuite FleetSupervisor provides for interactive “control room” and decentralised on-line mapping, equipment status and production KPI utilities The system can accept data from other sources, and can combine fleet and fixed plant data with enhanced analysis and reporting. Additional data integration is possible to augment the existing FMS with data not already being tracked.

Automated data acquisition requires communications in selected areas only, given the ability of MineSuite DSF to provide for in-shift data communications in instances where loading and other locations are not catered for by communications coverage.

MineSuite FleetAdvisor does not require a 24/7 manned control room or dispatcher but rather provides for decentralised interaction with and validation of information.