MineSuite InfoManager

MineSuite InfoManager provides mines with a complete operational and production data management and reporting solution. It collects and combines data using any combination of manual entry (including electronic log sheets), automatic acquisition from other MineSuite systems, or third party data sources. Manual data entry is via an easy to use user interface and the system includes the drivers and APIs to connect other systems such as SCADA, LIMS or FMS.

MineSuite InfoManager provides for business process modeling as well as for the real-time processing, of all data acquired, in the contexts of the business process model. Once processed events, transactions and information is routed to the respective environments as it relates to MineSuite modules, 3rd party systems reporting schemas and discipline based validation utilities. Robust data validation tools are applied in the context of the process model, resulting in context sensitive treatment and validation of data.

All transactions are handled via a service bus messaging layer, providing for a generic ability to share and interact all information by any module. It also provides for the “replaying” of all events and transaction as it occurred at any point in the past with the ability to re-interpret such in the context of an altered systems configuration. Reporting and query tools include MineSuite Active Web Viewer, dashboards and standard browser templates and reporting schema for common third party reporting and analysis tools.

The result is a completely integrated, reliable and accurate production data acquisition, management and reporting system. Production, equipment- and process Performance as well as Engineering data is treated and interpreted according to the in-built process model. Data acquisition can therefore be automated for streamlined, reliable reporting that is available when you need it for decision making.