Integrated Production Reconciliation

MinLog developed a unique MineSuite configuration, providing a single system which integrates with third-party systems for accurate, timely grade reconciliation.

A well-known coal supplier in Australia uses one of the world’s largest mining service providers for contract mining. The contract is based on production gains or losses when comparing geologically defined reconciliation areas against
product delivered.

To optimise gains, the contractor decided to build a pre-treatment plant (PTP) to beneficiate material that would normally
have been treated as waste. A means to measure the efficacy of the PTP was then needed.

The contractor recognised the value of a single system to integrate with third-party systems in order to provide accurate,
timely grade reconciliation.

Gains and losses are calculated by referencing the geological block model used by the mine owner. The contractor’s challenge is to determine deficiencies in their mining method or discrepancies in the geological block model.

The contractor uses a range of Maptek™ solutions, including Vulcan, BlastLogic, I-Site and Eureka to measure the exposed ore and determine mining competency.

A means of integrating the Maptek data with fleet management and client-owned coal handling processing plant (CHPP)
information is required for accurate calculations. The contractor also wanted to determine gains due to the PTP. A MineSuite configuration achieved this objective.

MineSuite MineReconciler and PlantManager will allow geologists to integrate information from Maptek and other third-party systems. This information will be contextualised in the MineReconciler, allowing geologists to validate, correct and approve values emanating from the various source systems and associated with specific geological reconciliation areas.

MineSuite Reports will be used to view contractual results and identify specific opportunities for improvement. The effect
of these improvements can then be measured and reported on.

Modelling processes

Activities, functions and processes are modelled in the MineSuite Process Model to measure KPIs. This includes the geological and mining business units and the PTP modules and equipment. The PTP model is hierarchical from high level processes down to individual equipment.

Stockpiles have also been identified and modelled as part of the MineSuite process flow. Stockpiles and material
on them are associated directly with the source geological reconciliation area. Material can be tracked throughout the
process, enabling reconciliation with the geological block model.

Measuring processes

Measuring material movements from source to destination is critical in determining mining performance.

Mined material is measured, processed and moved by various operations such as geological modelling, drill and blast,
and load and haul.