Key Note Speech – Austmine Smart Mining Network Event

Transcript of Introduction by Karel Gilliland of Key Note Speaker, Jake Klein at Austmine’s Smart Mining Network Event held on the 29th of September, Sydney, Australia.

A Good afternoon to All,

It is my pleasure to be here and for MinLog to sponsor this keynote event, in fact it is special for us, since Cracow was one of our first sites.

I will align with the theme of today by briefly sharing with you some of our thoughts as it relates to the importance of collaboration with the Client in applying Information Technology for productivity outcomes.

Even if you are not directly involved in the IT world, chances are that you are familiar with the latest phrases such as “The-Internet-of-Things, “Artificial-Intelligence and “Data-Lakes”, but unless we purpose-build solutions and apply these technologies for decision support in a well-connected mine these terms are meaningless.

So, putting ourselves in the shoes of our clients is crucial for joint success, as is the experience that our clients bring to the table.

Mastering the complexities associated with production optimization remains a challenge within the Mining Industry. This is the result of an obscured and ever changing operational environment as well as the presence of numerous disparate systems optimizing individual business processes.

At MinLog, we are working together with our equity partner Maptek, to address these challenges, by combining mine planning, optimization, production and beneficiation information.

As a result of new enabling technologies our latest offerings provide for DSF to find the shortest path for data to flow between the production equipment and the servers, in an environment with limited communications coverage, a MineScheduler to synchronize face activities and to manage conformance to plan in near real-time, an Application-Server to interpret all equipment, process or material movement information whether sourced from Fleet Management, SCADA or LAB systems, a Service-bus to link the operations with the planning, beneficiation and business environments and the ability to seamlessly connect with 3rd party visualization and Artificial-Intelligence environments.

But at the end of the day, for us as solutions providers to succeed in Australia and internationally, we need more than just to be on top of our game as it relates to the latest technology platforms and the application thereof, we need thought leadership, in partnership with progressive Clients such as Evolution Mining.

I wish to thank Helen and the AustMine team for affording us regular interaction with industry and trust that all of you will enjoy the afternoon – Jake I am looking forward to your talk and hearty welcome to you.