ONE Commitment to Clients

We constantly strive to enhance the complete MinLog value proposition which we have articulated according to six descriptive ONE Statements:

One View across Processes and Systems

Historically, operational challenges in the EVC environment have included applying consistent measures across disparate business processes and system. Our MineSuite MIS offering integrates with existing systems on the process level, inclusive of the MineSuite FMS to deliver integrated management information on the operational level of the EVC.

One Version of the Truth

Having a single, accurate, reliable and up-to-date view of the state of operations empowers end-users, regardless of their discipline or role, to achieve the objectives associated with their particular function. In doing this, we contribute to achieving broader strategic corporate objectives whilst providing decision makers with just one version of the truth.

One Product on Operational Level

The automation of the operational level for the mining hierarchy has long been a challenge. Through MineSuite, we offer our clients a system allowing for horizontal and vertical integration that provides integrated management information and workflow on the operational level.

One Solution across Mining EVC

We are the only solution provider to offer a single MIS implementation that spans the full mining executional value chain. This enables the tracking, monitoring and management of equipment and process performance as well as product movement across the EVC.

One Focus on Strategic Partnerships

At MinLog, we view client interaction not as a means to an end but as a strategic partnership where the ideal solution remains our constant focus. This inevitably results in a long-term relationship where plant and mine managers, as well as general and corporate managers can count on our ongoing support and product evolution in our quest to help our clients reduce costs and improve productivity.

One International Footprint

The MineSuite product is an essential vehicle through which to enable the execution component of the mining value chain. Jointly with our partner, Maptek, we have a reputable track record in delivering solutions beyond systems to leading global mining organisations across various continents for over 10 years.