MinLog delivers leading production management solutions, including fleet management and management information systems, to the global mining industry.

MinLog develops, deploys and supports mining processes with intuitive, meaningful information that helps operations manage product flow and performance. A thorough understanding of activities and products across the mining operation provides a strong basis for planning and collaboration between teams. Accurate and timely reporting guides decision making which in turn leads to more effective, efficient operations and continual productivity improvements.

MinLog invests heavily in developing enabling technologies that cater for communications, onboard equipment and application server systems in mining. MinLog systems require minimal infrastructure investment and are easy to deploy and support. Implementation is fully scalable to support your operational requirements.

MinLog understands the need for a unified information management system that encompasses primary and secondary production equipment as well as fixed plant. Our practical mine to plan approach supports communication across planning and scheduling horizons, helping to improve predictions and planning assumptions.

The MineSuite Management Information System allows operations to track product and manage performance across mining, beneficiation and loadout. This is seamlessly integrated with the Fleet and Production Management System which can be applied to opencut and underground operations, extending to fixed plant SCADA systems as well as mobile equipment.